President Message

It is a great honour and privilege to be President of Radiological Society of Pakistan for 2018. Thanks a million to the many senior teachers, mentors and RSP members who encouraged and supported me to take on this role. All of us work diligently and make many sacrifices for RSP, molding it into a tremendous society and a beacon of excellence in Radiology on a global stage. As we collectively continue our efforts, I accept my leadership responsibility with nervous excitement. Together we have been supporting and educating each other in quality Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology for almost 4 decades. To achieve deeper knowledge in sub-specialties, sub-societies of RSP are been successfully launched. These are Radiation-Oncology, Interventional Radiology, Body Imaging, neuroimaging and Pediatric Imaging sub-societies. Very effectively seminars and learning and teaching activities are being organized throughout the country by these sub-societies. This has enabled the radiologist from all over the country not only to participate but form connections to improve clinical care. The year 2018 brings Radiology Society of Pakistan (RSP) to Balochistan. The annual conference Insha Allah will take place in Quetta on the last weekend of November 2018. The participants will enjoy the environment and hospitality of Balochistan. I invite the whole Radiology community of Pakistan to become a member and take part in activities of RSP.