President Message

Radiology Society of Pakistan is known for providing a platform for the radiologist of the country for their clinical and academic interaction. The Society provides the opportunity for the mentorships and personal networking.

The grueling training of long working hours that we endure through medical school and radiology residency into our professional life accumulates wisdom and maturity in us. We are an elite specialty that combines sound technical knowledge with compassion and understandings of a caring physician. The year 2017 brings Radiology Society of Pakistan (RSP) to Sindh. It is indeed an honor, and a huge responsibility, to be the President of RSP. I and my dedicated team are working to promote the academics and research in wider and deeper ways, both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is my responsibility to acknowledge the work of my forerunners on their constant effort to develop an association with European Society of Radiology (ESR). The cornerstones of our success story are organization of “European Board in Radiology (EBiR)” in Pakistan and representation of RSP in ESR 2019. EBiR will be held first time outside Europe in Islamabad in September 2017. The Vice- President of ESR will be participating in our 2017 conference in Karachi. Our other associates are “Iranian, Korean and Turkish Societies of Radiology”. To accomplish deeper knowledge in sub-specialties, sub-societies of RSP are been successfully launched. These are Radiation-Oncology, Interventional Radiology, Body Imaging, neuroimaging and Pediatric Imaging sub-societies. Very effectively seminars and learning and teaching activities are being organized throughout the country by these sub-societies. This has enabled the radiologist from all over the country not only to participate but form connections to improve clinical care. The annual conference will take place in Karachi on the last weekend of October 2017. The scientific committee is working tirelessly to ensure an enriching educational experience for both the neophyte as well as the seasoned radiologist. As an innate trait of hospitality our excellent management team will make sure that the meeting is well-organized, and your comfort is our top priority. My message for my colleagues especially to our budding radiologists is to be more clinical, to lead the multi-disciplinary teams. Actively be involved in teaching and research. The closer you are to your patients and their values and understand the physicians treating them, the better would be your position. Actively scrutinize your services, stay on the right side of the value-based curve, look beyond imaging by participating in our country’s health care system. I would like to thank all the members, members of the Central Office Committee, Executive Committee and our valued seniors. Last but not the least we are grateful to our sponsors for enabling us to organize different educational activities.

I encourage and invite the whole Radiology community of the Country to be part of its activities by becoming member and contributing to and participating in the educational offerings.

Thank You….